17 07 2009

Sara and I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since May 7th when our twin boys came to live with us. We have had countless meetings with our agency, CPS, our CASA worker, ECI, etc. It feels as though we have a revolving door in our house. I never dreamed that fostering would make us this busy and this crazy!!

First of all, we got conflicting information when we first got the boys. (I won’t bore you with the details, but if you want to know, just ask.) Then, our agency rep kind of just dropped us. We had no support. It feels like we are on an island by ourselves sometimes. Basically, we had had enough this week. I called our agency and made a bunch of noise to try to get some better representation. We also began making others aware of the trouble we are having with our case. Consequently, we will have our agency, CASA and CPS in our home this afternoon. I’m kinda nervous about it, but I look forward to some answers and for everyone to be on the same page.

The next 2 weeks is gonna be rough. We have permanency conferences, court hearings, family visits, ECI appointments, etc. Lord, help us and the boys. Ultimately, the boys suffer the most in the whole process. They can’t stand to constantly see someone new in their home. It freaks them out, as you could imagine.

On top of all of this, I had to put 2 new tires on the Monte Carlo. Then, the Santa Fe got a hole in one of its tires. Then, Nemo, the cat, got sick with an infected tooth. He had to go to the vet. As if that wasn’t enough, our house is going to be leveled next week. I’m totally excited about it, but we don’t have all of the money for it right now. How are we going to juggle all of this??!? My blood pressure rises just thinking about it!

However, in the midst of all of this, I can feel God’s peace. I remember P Deamon saying in his message this week, “To have the peace that passes all understanding, you have to give up the right to understand.” In other words, I have to let go. I need to stop thinking and worrying about it all and just ride the wave. The heat is getting turned up, and that’s a good thing. I want to come out of this situation as pure gold. Returned to its original state, but better than ever.

One of the only things that is keeping me sane right now is running. I have started a training program to get me to run 5k in 9 weeks. I have been going to the Nederland track 3 times a week for about an hour at a time. It’s wonderful to put on some worship music and just run until the program tells me to stop. I don’t have to think about anything but the heat.

Enough rambling for now. I think I’ll go get some Chick-Fil-A! 😀

Peace out!


C25K – Week 1; Day 1

7 07 2009

This is day 1 of Week 1 of training to run 5k.  My ultimate goal is to run a full marathon.

My tentative training schedule is Monday @ 8:15am, Wednesday @ 6am, Friday @ 6am.  I’ll be at the Nederland HS track if you would like to join me!

Hasta Lasagna!!